Program Presenters Bio

Bishop Dr.Jankee Raghunanan


Born in Rio Claro, East Trinidad, Bishop Jankee Raghunanan was the firstborn to his Mother Mrs Samdaye Ramlal and his Father Mr Maharaj Goolcharan. He later moved to the Penal Rock Road area with his parents, where he grew up during his childhood. Forty-eight (48) years ago, he moved to the Philippine area of San-Fernando with his Biological Aunt; the late Mrs Seedaye Ramsahai and her husband, the late Bishop R.B Ramsahai, who both became his legal guardian parents. He spent the majority of his life with them since the age of (12) twelve, due to the fact that he moved closer to the city in those days, to be within proximity to the Open Bible High School, which he attended. He lived there with his Mom and Dad all his life, then got married and established his own house next door. He still resides there today with his beautiful wife Annicia and his wonderful children Melisa and Joshua.

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Bishop Jankee Ramsahai Raghunanan has not only served Trinidad and Tobago within the capacity of being a Bishop for the past (22) twenty-two years and a Minister of Religion and Marriage Officer for the past forty (40) plus years, but he has also served our country on a social basis, in an attempt to achieve social change within our society. His profession is one that is people-centred, and one that is based on spirituality, professionalism, accountability, transparency, honesty
and integrity. Academically, Bishop Jankee Raghunanan has attained two degrees from the University of the West Indies, one being a BA in Theology and a B.Sc. in the Social Sciences. Additionally, he has attained his M.Sc. in Theology from The Theological Institution of the U.S.A, an M.BA from La Salle Extension University in the U.S.A, as well as (2) two Honorary Doctorates (Th.D. in Theological and Religious Studies as well as his Th.D in Divinity)

He has also served as a Local Government Councillor within the City of San
Fernando, where he was in charge of his electoral district of Les Efforts West/La
Romaine. Bishop Jankee Raghunanan is a man that holds many esteemed offices both nationally and internationally. For a timely briefing, he is the Bishop,
President and Overseer of the Tabernacle of Prayer Inc. Churches within the Caribbean for the past (40 years), as well as the President of (TTT) Transformation Trinidad and Tobago. He also is the founder of CBIS (Caribbean Bible Institute and Seminary) and presently sits as the Chairman of this Educational Institution that has three school branches within Trinidad. He also previously held the Offices of Manager, National Advisor and Acting Vice President at the National Energy and Skills Centre (NESC); where he served at the Debe, Mayaro, Laventille, Pt. Lisas and Palo Seco Campuses. He has recently retired from His duties at The NESC this year, (2018). Most Recently in 2013, he was also appointed as the Regional Overseer of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Churches of the British West Indies Region, as well as for European and UK countries. Thereafter, his outstanding social work as the President of Operation Mobilization in the Caribbean and Director for Trinidad and Tobago has also enabled him the privilege of assisting in bringing the Logos ship to our country, along with the many years of social work done worldwide through the O.M (Missionary Relief) Organization. He has not only socially given of himself in our sweet islands of T&T, but he has done an array of volunteer work within the Caribbean Region, Haiti, South Africa, India, Tamilnadu, Thailand and other places in Asia. In the past, he has had an entrepreneurial and business-related experience, as he was also the
holder of esteemed positions at Mootilal Moonan’s Construction, Clico and also
Goodwill Insurance.
His Social outreach and love for people within the Caribbean, has enabled him to do the following projects single-handedly before his entrance into the Political
1. The Logos Ship, Doulos Ship and Doulos Hope Ships (Floating Bookstores)
that docked in our harbours in the years 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012
and in 2017.
2. (2) Two homes for the aged in Icacos and Cedros, (Land has been bought,
the erection of these buildings are currently pending…)
3. The ‘Floating Hospital’- Operation Rainbow of 2006.
4. Construction of Retreat and Camping Facilities for his Church Organization,
(phased to start in 2020).
5. Hundreds of Family life seminars, conferences, health fairs/ AIDS and HIV
6. Hosting of Youthfest and Kid’s Crusades.
7. Collaborated with State Enterprises in training youths for (15) fifteen years.
8. Establishment of (7) Seven Churches in Trinidad.
9. Affiliated Churches – 5 within Caribbean Islands, 1 in Venezuela, 1 in
Guyana and other churches in New York, Atlanta, India, Haiti, South Africa,
and North Carolina.
10. Aid to Grenada after Hurricane Ivan; the building of 350 houses and a bakery to
provide shelter and bread to the homeless.
11. Operation Rainbow- Free Dental and Glasses, Free Medical Cardio Check-
ups and Optical Clinics in rural communities.
12. Donated water pumps to flood victims in Guyana.
And many other projects, too many to name….

As a man who has a deep sense of compassion and love for people, as reflected both in his professional and social work, he is committed to ensuring that the views and voices of the people are heard through his representation and performance. He is a man of his word and one that you can trust. His God
fearing nature has made him a man with a soft heart towards serving his people
for the greater good, which will soon start a new revolution of politics; where
religion, spirituality and order would be injected into the political sphere for a
transformed Trinidad and Tobago.

Bishop Dr Jankee Raghunanan was ordained as a Bishop on Saturday, August 17 th 1996 and became Overseer of the Tabernacle of Prayer churches the Caribbean, after the death of his dad, the late Bishop R.B Ramsahai. He is presently based in Trinidad and Tobago where he gives direct leadership to seven churches.