Daily Inspiration

Blinded by the Past

by Inspiration Ministries

“Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died, and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?” – John 8:53 NIV

The religious leaders of Jesus’ time were confident they understood history, their interpretation of the past, the meaning of events, and the correct role of each person. They were so confident that they decisively rejected anything and anyone who did not fit into the account they developed.

To them, Jesus just didn’t fit, so they simply rejected Him.

On one hand, we can admire them for thoroughly studying the past and their awareness of events and people important to their history. Yet these interpretations blinded them from seeing God’s work in their time. Their minds were closed, and they could not conceive that He might be working in new or different ways. This means they were completely blind to recognizing the ministry of Jesus.

We easily can criticize these men, but anyone can be guilty of similar mistakes. How quickly we can reject ideas that don’t fit neatly into our worldview. We can be closed to God’s work because it’s not what we expected.

Yes, it is important to learn from the past, but we also must be on guard against being closed minded. Be sensitive to the Spirit, ready to recognize new insights He wants to teach us.

Submit your thoughts to God. Seek Him in prayer to see if He wants to teach you new things or to do things in new ways. Open your mind and heart to new insights